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Keep Your Car Clean!

Why You Should Wash Your Car Regularly

We all love the look of a freshly washed car, right? Well, what if you were told that keeping your car clean not only made it look better but made it function better in the long run? Not only can keeping your car cleaned prevent future damage, but it can also save your wallet!...

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Have Fun on Your Family Vacation!

When you head out on the road for your family vacation, it's a good idea to be just prepared enough. Don't stress about every little detail but make sure that you have all the bases covered. You want to pack light and limit your passengers to one bag or backpack each to avoid luggage overflow. You also want to try and make sure that you do your pre-check before you hit the road. Check your oil, gas, and any other fluids to make sure that everything is all topped up. Don't forget to check your tires...

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The 2017 Jeep Compass Represents the Adventure’s Practical Side

Although many of the compact crossovers on the market today offer their own blend of practicality and fun, the 2017 Jeep Compass takes it several steps further. As a Jeep model, adventurous potential comes standard in every iteration, with an extra dash of off-road zest provided by the Compass’s first Trailhawk trim. But if you think “adventure” is this new CUV’s only mode, think again.

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Oil Is Life

Perhaps the most important thing a car owner needs to keep up with is maintaining safe levels of oil and heading to the dealership for regular oil changes. Oil to a car is essentially what water is to the human body. 

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Oil Protects Your Engine

The average driver has a basic knowledge about their vehicle. Perhaps you are similar. However, it is also important to know something about the inner workings of your vehicle. For example, motor oil plays a very important part in the overall functioning of any vehicle. The oil acts as a lubricant that helps the engine run smoothly and reduces overheating. Changing the oil should be done on a vehicle maintenance schedule too, because the oil starts to lose its effectiveness over time. Most drivers prefer either a synthetic oil or a conventional oil.
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