Oil Is Life

February 24th, 2017 by

Oil Change

Perhaps the most important thing a car owner needs to keep up with is maintaining safe levels of oil and heading to the dealership for regular oil changes. Oil to a car is essentially what water is to the human body. The more active we are as humans, the more we need to hydrate. It’s basically the same idea for cars except cars need oil. There are two types of oil that a responsible driver should make themselves aware of. If you are a casual driver whose activity consists of going to and from work, and around town casually, then regular conventional oil will service your vehicle just fine. A more adventurous driver or if you two things you will typically be more inclined to grab synthetic oil off the shelf. What’s the difference? Both oils do the same task, but Synthetic simply lubricates your engine better for higher activity cars, which prevents over-heating and the seizing of engines. Oil up today by visiting a dealership today.

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